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Tapinator, Inc. Launches Major Update to Video Poker Classic, the Top Video Poker Game on Mobile

Online Video Poker game appeared on the basis of the usual Poker game. The history of conventional card Poker begins somewhere in the 17th century. Well, Video Poker appeared in the 19th century. 1891 can be considered the year of birth of this game. And the birthplace of this exciting game — America, the city of Brooklyn. Two Americans, Sittman and Pete, decided to create a gambling game for one person, and the idea for it was taken from the old Poker. The new game was shown in a poor neighborhood of Brooklyn and immediately gained great popularity with the public. It was the first mechanized slot that consisted of five spinning reels featuring cards. The player pulled the lever, the reels rotated, a certain combination of cards was obtained, which could give the player a win. Two cards-Jack and ten of spades-were removed from the game, which complicated the action.

Video poker rules the twentieth century again gives the world a new video Poker slot. American Walt Fraley made a special slot machine for Las Vegas casino. But the invention did not find its admirers. And only in 1979 there was an analogue of modern Video Poker. In this slot, the player was given the opportunity to play a real poker hand.. Since then, there have been many varieties of Video Poker, but they are still always based on the system of combination of five cards.

In 1994, Video Poker hit the Internet. Microgaming company, creating games for online casinos, took the idea of Video Poker for their games on the Internet. All the basic rules, moves and naprvleniya this gambling game remained unchanged on the Internet, and I must say that Video Poker with a machine, in a regular casino or online is very popular among players. Another interesting fact is that the biggest jackpots players win in Video Poker.

The rules of Video Poker have remained virtually unchanged, as in regular poker. Only the game is not with live people, but with a machine-dealer who deals five cards . The player makes a decision-to change the card data, leave or change only one card. After making his choice, the player presses the “deal” button, then a new combination of cards appears. The final combination of cards and gives the player a win or loss. The bet usually goes from 1 to 5 tokens, and a bet of 5 tokens can usually give the biggest win to the player, as well as make him happy with the jackpot. The game is simple, but before you start playing online, you need to understand how to play Video Poker.

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